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    Premium Clothes Wholesaling second hand quality fashionable clothes- a blended mix of fast selling Australian and English product.

Bumeráng Ausztrál Használtruha Nagyker

Bumeráng Ausztrál Használtruha Kft. is a 100% Australian owned company.

Our Hungarian showroom introduces a blend of English and Australian high quality used clothing for children and adults for the European used clothes markets.

Now on Sale

24-30 June:

SUMMER 1st class adult clothes
1.390 HUF/kg (20 kg bags)

SUMMER 2nd class adult clothes
790 HUF/kg (20 kg bags)

SUMMER 1st class children clothes
1.390 HUF/kg (20 kg bags)

SUMMER 2nd class children clothes
790 HUF/kg (20 kg bags)

SUMMER CREME ladies tops (20kg) - ladies bottoms (20kg) - men's creme (20kg) 2.790 HUF/kg

Bumeráng Ausztrál Használtruha Kft. is a 100% Australian owned used clothing wholesale company with more than 30 years experience in clothing collection, sorting and exporting world wide.

  • Purchase Australian and English cream and extra quality used clothing directly from the clothing collector.
  • The product comes to you directly from the clothing collector and does not pass through 2-3 hands.
  • You can look through the contents of the 20 kg sacks which contain folded clothes.
  • Chosen Product Lines we sell are sorted based on customer requirements.

  • Children's Cream Clothes
  • Ladies Cream Tops
  • Children's Extra Clothes
  • Adult Extra clothes

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Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm – appointment is not required, after hours appointments welcome with prior arrangement.

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